Search Engine Optimisation

We improve how your website ranks enabling you to win more traffic than your competitors.

Improving the visibility and search engine rankings of your website means that you can win more traffic than your competitors thus making you the more obvious choice for customers. Not only does ranking highly increase clicks and leads, it also improves your credibility and increases trust from customers.
A beautiful website is a great starting point but, without traffic, it will not generate any leads or sales. We work to meet the KPIs of your business, such as driving more e-commerce sales, then successfully engage your target audience by inputting keywords based on in-depth research therefore increasing clicks and brand awareness organically.

SEO Audits

We will begin your project by auditing your website to see where its weaknesses are, such as slow loading pages and lack of xml. site map. We will then amend these errors before
commencing with technical SEO.

Technical SEO

Following the audit, we will ensure that your website meets the requirements of modern search engines by crawling and indexing your site. To ensure your site is found we amend URL structures, duplicate content and much more - basically to be in Google’s good books.

On-Site SEO

Next we ensure that all the content on each page is relevant to the title of the page and to your business in general. Content must be thorough, easily navigable, unique, trustworthy and aligned with what the user searched for.

Off-Site SEO

Successful off-site SEO is accomplished by external, reputable websites linking your website and confirming the quality of your content. We will ensure that more links to your site are created by making requests and listing your page with trustworthy directories.

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