Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Are you looking for fast results from a marketing campaign? Google PPC Advertising could be exactly what you need to drive high volumes of traffic to new customers who are from the exact target market of your brand. You are highly likely to see conversions in a matter of a few days, as we learn to understand your KPIs and targets. Whether you want more phone calls, e-commerce sales, email enquiries or store visits we can generate these leads, quickly, via Google PPC Advertising. After we understand your goals, we set specific parameters such as location, age, gender, device and many more to segment the market and aggressively target the people who are most interested in your products and services. From there, we research keywords/phrases associated with your products and services to enable your ads to show upon the most relevant searches. In addition to managing your Google Ad Campaign, we will also keep you informed with monthly analytical reports which help you to see exactly what your money is being spent on and how well it is working to meet your KPIs, it also enables us to identify what is working well and what needs adapting.

Compelling & Optimised Copy

We maximise quality clicks by writing excellent copy integrated with the right keywords.

Bespoke Landing Pages

Landing pages have been proven to increase conversions when using Google PPC . We create bespoke landing pages to ensure that your ad campaign’s potential is maximised.

Constant Analysis

Each month we analyse how your Google PPC campaign is performing and make small adaptations to optimise your results.

Flexible Prices

Our prices are extremely flexible and customer services are second to none. We cater to all budgets whether you’re a micro business or a multinational and, whilst there is no maximum budget for Google Ads, we recommend a minimum budget of £10 per day.

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