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What is Social Media Management?

Social Media Management is the process by which we run your social media pages (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter come as standard) in order for your business to become more reputable online, generate more of a following, save you time, create brand stories and avoid online hazards.

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How will it help your business?

Social Media Management will help your business because it will increase business/ brand awareness, hereby making people more aware of your business, it will increase your free time, so that you can cater to customers whilst having a professionally run social media network. Finally, it will decrease the likelihood of online hazards so that your business can run smoothly online and offline. 


How do we do it?

Firstly we have our analysts analyse when the absolute best time to post is; when the highest number of people will see it, when the highest number of people will be engaged with the content and when the majority of the viewers are most likely to buy your products/ services. Secondly we select the best, most engaging content to post at the given time. Finally we use provided tools, which allow your posts to be seen by the maximum amount of people and post the content.



At Impact Media Management, we tailor our pricing to the precise needs of our clients!

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Social Media Ads

An awesome network of professionally run social media pages, paired with social media ads can be the absolute key to online business success.

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