The Gold Packgage Includes:

  • Full Social Media Management: includes the posting and uploading of engaging content to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

  • We will perform interactive market research throughout the week, via social media and feed this information back to you so that you can improve your products or services to suit more people locally, nationally and globally.

  • Paid promotional posts which will increase the number of people locally, nationally or globally (which ever you choose) who see your online content.

  • An extra social media account of your choosing (for example Snapchat, YouTube, Tumblr etc). Which will increase the number of people seeing your posts therefore making them more likely to 'go viral' and be recognised by more people around the world.

  • A meeting with us once a month to discuss possible next steps, what is going well, what needs improving upon, creating a brand story etc.

Starting at £149.99 pcm

This cost is variable due to the fact that you can choose your paid promotion budget, it ranges from £20.00-£30,000.00 pcm (please not that this promotion amount can be changed month by month).