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Q: How can you promote us on social media?

A: Although this question is vague it is probably the most important one on the list.

    In terms of how we get the content, you can either email a picture to us each day (or whenever you want us to post), or more effective and efficiently email us a range of pictures at the weekend/start of the week so that we can then post them throughout that week and into the next weekend. If your business is not able to take pictures, we can upload impactful images and messages on your account(s) to really market and sell your product/ service in alternative ways (this is how IMM’s social media has to grow). 

However in terms of how we promote, we are able to use the best techniques for social media growth such as: turning the account into a business account, using the best hashtags for the most amount of quality profile visits and therefore the most likely customers, location tags and account tags of people and businesses that seem to fit the market segmentation of your business, along with promoting your business on our personal social media accounts. All this makes for a hugely successful business with more customers, better business recognition, more free time (or more time to oblige to your customers etc) a lower risk of the impact of online hazards and finally a huge cost saving for the businesses who pay an employee to manage the social media accounts.  

Q: What are your main aims for your business?

A: Our main aims are to provide the best quality marketing and social media management possible in order to gain the highest volume of customers for the businesses; meanwhile freeing up time for the business representitives who used to run the page, which can be better spent making sales or dealing with customers; with peace of mind, knowing that a huge amount of the marketing is constantly and consistently being done.

Q : Is using IMM good for market research for my business?

A: It absolutely is! With interactive polls, voting systems and the ability for potential customers to be able to ask questions, social media is the perfect platform for us to carry out market research for you. As this happens, we can feed this information back to you and make your business even better than it already is.

Q: How will you be better than the business itself at promoting the social media pages?

A: The first month is a starter month, hence the low starter price of £50 (post launch), for us to get used to they way that the business markets and operates therefore allowing us to be able to depict areas that need work and areas that are already great. This, paired with the fact that we know how to set up successful business accounts, use the correct account tags, hashtags and location tags will make for a very successful page as we will be able to control who we aim the posts at (whether it be locally or globally) to ensure maximum awareness. It will also be of massive help to the business owner/ social media representative as they have much more time on their hands.

Q: What if the pictures are of bad quality when emailed across platforms?

A: We will make sure that the business representative who sends the pictures to us selects the highest possible quality photography/ video option to ensure that quality is never sacrificed. We will use emailing and other platforms able to deal with the quality of the content.

Q: How can you improve our website?

A: We improve websites by building new ones! All of our websites that we build are extremely easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and, best of all, low cost.

Q: How come your websites are such good quality but so low cost?

A: We are able to offer outstanding websites at a low cost for multiple reasons, the main one being that we want to enable small business owners to be able to have an amazingly and professionally constructed website at low cost.

Q: What Happens if I no longer want a website?

If you decide, after a while, that you do not want your website any longer, we will simply take it off the internet and, if you opted for a monthly upkeep package, we will stop your monthly payments.

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