About Us


Passionate About Marketing

Our outstanding Social Media Management, Web Design and online advertising services are extremely efficient. We will dedicate our business to your business (and you) 

to enable you to reach so many more people and therefore attract so many more customers than before, saving 

you time and subsequently money. When our services are in place you will have more time to oblige to your new customers, by utilising this exquisite form of marketing. 


Our Analytical Approach

So, how does our service work to enable you to gain more recognition and customers? 

Well, we are able to analyse the best time to upload content, when viewers are most engaged and what they are most engaged in. We are also able to reach more potential customers by creating the most engaging content and using specific location tags, hashtags and account tags along with social media ads. With website creation, we can tailor a website to your specific needs, using existing colours and themes associated with your business, e-commerce stores and much more. 

But that's the boring stuff!


Our Success is Your Success

We want to give you the time and effort that you deserve. Whether you are just starting out, an already well established business or need to redevelop your brand. We can work with you to create amazing connections and, for example create a brand story, that will relate to your target market, engage them and therefore lead them to buy from you.

About Us Personally

Luca O'Grady (Co-Founder)


"As Co-Owner of Impact Media Management, I find great satisfaction in helping out other micro, small and medium sized businesses gain more recognition online. Enabling them to attract more customers, create new leads, have more free time and avoid potential online hazards with a positive online image. "

Oscar Hunt (Co-Founder)


"As Co-Owner of Impact Media Management, I strive everyday to improve the services provided by us, to maintain such high standards throughout our business. Ensuring that the service provided by us both is outstanding, professional and faultless. "