Privacy Policy

Welcome to our Privacy Policy. 

1. Minors are able to access our website without parental permission. It is fully appropriate for minors to visit with out parental consent or supervision.

2. We will never use information from minors without parental consent/ supervision.

3. Impact Media Management will never use your personal information unless consented. We passionately believe that your information should always belong to you and you only. We will never be involved with any data brokering businesses. This is to ensure that your information is always safe.

4. We do not use cookies meaning that we do not track and/or store your session's information and engagement.

5. We use Google Drive, for mail and our files to ensure all round safety for your personal information, for example the E-mails that you send to us, your account details etc.

How we use collected data

We use rarely collected data to improve your online experience of our business. We also use the data to better our service, improve our site and to better personalise user experiences.

Opting Out

Opting out is very simple. Just simply E-mail us and tell us why you would like to opt out (so that we can better our service in the future). You must, however, give two months notice to allow us to bring our time with you to an end. (Or if you want to opt out instantly you must pay three months worth of membership fees upfront).

If you have any queries about the privacy policy please drop us a call or E-mail:

Temporary Privacy Policy

More is to be added to the privacy policy soon!

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