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Social Media Management

Full Social Media Management includes the posting and uploading of content to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This service comes with a small promotion budget.

Our expertise allow us to reach huge numbers of potential customers. We don't just aim manage and maintain, we aim to grow your business' online and offline image.


This enables:

  • Your business to reach more people, increase leads and therefore increase your customer base.

  • You to have more free time, as you will not have to worry out social media and uploading.

  • Your business to cut down on costs, as you do not have to employ somebody to run the social media pages.

  • You to have complete peace of mind as you will know that a huge amount of your business' marketing is being done at a high quality, professional level.

The Extra Account

To target a wider audience of people you can add an extra social media account (for example Snapchat, YouTube, Tumblr etc).


This enables:

  • Your business to reach a wider range of people making new customers more likely.

  • Huge upside potential online (as it gives you a higher change of being noticed and 'going viral'.

  • Your business to be able to market on different platforms to your competitors meaning that you will be more likely to attract the  indecisive customers. 

Website Building

Our website design and builder service is perfect if you need an update on your website or if you do not have a website at all.

We are able to craft quality websites of all different genre, colour combination, themes and ideas with the help of you. Simply put forward some ideas that you like and we'll build it!


If you would like us to maintain the up keep of the website domain and membership an additional monthly fee will be required.

Professional websites enable:

  • A higher likelihood of customers.

  • A fantastic online image.

  • Customers love easy to use websites (it makes them more likely to buy!)

  • More business/ brand awareness.

  • Fast track communications.

  • More information about your customers (as you can collect data from them). 

Promotion Budget Increase

As standard, we offer a  small monthly promotion budget to enable your business to be discovered by more people each month. However, this optional service will increase the promotion budget over the month.

We recommend a minimum of £20.00 per month.

This size budget will allow your posts to reach 1,400 to 3,700 more people each month.

The promotion budget is extremely flexible, an ranges from £20 to £30,000 (which enables your business to reach up to 850,000 more social media users).

 You can change this promotion budget month by month and you can opt in and out at any time.

Increased Promotion Budget Enables:

  • More business awareness.

  • Thousands more potential customers each and every month.

  • An extremely high chance of achieving a wider customer base.

  • An advantage over competitors

Market Research

Our market research package is a fantastic package to opt for. We will perform interactive market research throughout the week and feed this information back to you so that you can improve your business to suit more people locally, nationally and globally.

£30.00 per month

Weekly Market Research E nables:

  • Your business to be able to meet customer needs and wants.

  • Your business to find a niche or gap in the market to fulfil.

  • You to have more interaction with your customers making them more likely to buy your product(s)/ service(s). 

  • Your business to know what your customers want more of.

  • Your customer service to improved as you will have more resources to refer back to.

You can opt in and out of this month by month.

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